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About IJL

The International Judo League (IJL) stands as a global bastion of Judo excellence, fostering a community that transcends borders and celebrates the transformative power of this ancient martial art. Committed to uniting practitioners worldwide, IJL provides unparalleled resources, expert guidance, and a platform for personal growth both on and off the Judo mat. Our community thrives on shared values of resilience, respect, and continuous improvement, creating an environment where every member, from novice to seasoned practitioner, can embark on a meaningful journey of skill enhancement, camaraderie, and triumph. Join IJL and be part of a legacy that elevates Judo to new heights, embracing the philosophy of discipline, respect, and empowerment.

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President's Welcome

It is with immense joy and pride that I, Sidney, the President of the International Judo League (IJL), extend a heartfelt welcome to each of you joining our prestigious community. Your decision to become a part of IJL is a testament to your dedication to the art of Judo and your pursuit of excellence. As President, I am committed to ensuring that your journey with IJL is marked by growth, camaraderie, and triumph. Together, let us elevate the spirit of Judo, transcending boundaries and creating a global community that embodies the true essence of this noble martial art. Welcome to IJL, where your passion for Judo finds a home, and your journey towards greatness begins.



At the heart of the International Judo League (IJL) lies an unwavering mission to ignite the flames of passion for Judo worldwide, transcending mere athletic pursuits to become a catalyst for personal and communal transformation. Our mission is to cultivate a global network of individuals united by a shared commitment to Judo's core values—resilience, discipline, and respect. Through these shared principles, we aim to empower practitioners, irrespective of their background or skill level, to embark on a journey of holistic self-improvement, discovering the boundless potential within themselves.

IJL is not merely an organization; it is a vibrant tapestry of diverse stories, each thread contributing to the rich fabric of our collective success. Our mission extends beyond the mat, encompassing a commitment to building character, fostering camaraderie, and inspiring a relentless pursuit of excellence. By joining IJL, individuals become part of a global movement dedicated to elevating not only their personal Judo skills but also their lives, as they embrace the philosophy that triumphs on the mat echo into the broader spectrum of their existence. Together, we are not just practitioners; we are torchbearers of the transformative power of Judo, shaping a legacy that resonates with passion, purpose, and unparalleled achievement.

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage


The team at IJL, comprising our President, Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Education Council Member, and Technical Director of Competition and Arbitration, serves as the backbone of our commitment to Judo excellence. Guided by dedicated leadership, including a President, Vice-President, and Secretary, along with a team of advisors, they shape our strategic vision, facilitate transparent communication, and provide essential resources for our global Judo community. These leaders epitomize our values, promoting inclusivity and fostering growth, thereby establishing IJL as a beacon of Judo excellence worldwide.

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Luiz Carlos Ferreira de Souza

Education Council member

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Kleber Augusto Caldas Sales

Education Council member

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Eric Katsumi Haniu

disciplinary comission member

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Luan Queiroz Rique

Chief Financial Officer

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Sidney Olinto da Silva


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Stephan Leifeld

Vice President

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Rodrigo Silva Duarte


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Michael Gouveia de Souza

Technical Director of Competitions and Refereeing

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